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2015 LHVA End of Season Potluck Dinner- May 7th

    2013-2014 Coaches and Players

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    GEVA Juniors 2014-2015 – Inclement Weather Policy

    GEVA Juniors 2014-2015 – Inclement Weather Policy


    When will we cancel?

    GEVA makes every effort to fulfill our commitment to teams and clubs by conducting all scheduled tournaments. Sometimes things get in the way. Our inclement weather practice has been to hold the tournament if at all possible (even if some teams are more effected than others).

    Exceptions are made in dangerous situations, and those beyond our control. If the weather is bad, (snow and ice) your safety is paramount. Do not drive if it you don't feel safe.

    Why do we cancel?

    We will cancel for two reasons.
    1. The staff determines the weather and driving conditions are too hazardous. 2. If the facility where we are holding tournament cancels our access.

    When do I know?

    When possible, a decision is made prior to 9 pm the evening prior. If a situation worsens overnight, the decision is adjusted prior to 5:30 am the day of the tournament. Once cancelled, we will not have a mind change.

    How do I know?

    We will send information through webpoint to Cub directors, and AES to participating Clubs. We will also post on juniors and home page of

    Safety is paramount. Do not drive if it you don't feel safe. 

    Club News

    2015 Servathon- Gifts From the Heart For Downs

    04/14/2015, 3:45pm EDT
    By Sloane Dill

    Thank you to everyone that participated last night in our 2015 Servathon. It was a huge success in which we raised just under $9,000. LHVA will be able to continue to provide many scholarships to players each year. Also, Gifts From the Hearts For Downs will be able to grant a wish or more to people with Down Syndrome. We are very grateful for all the players that participated and the sponsors that contributed.

    Congratulations to the following players who raised the most money on their team:

    17 Travel: Saidi Moseley- $1,271 and Maxine Lieblich- $1,299

    17 Regional: Kayla Betham- $250

    15 Regional: Carlee Moretti- $ 766.50

    14 Regional: Peri Zale- $300

    13 Regional: Thalia Ierodiaconou - $165.11

    Player with the most serves: Sydney Shotkoski- 17 Travel

    Parents will receive any email within the next few days with an excel spreadsheet of money collected and money owed to LHVA.

    *All money needs to be handed in by the end of April.
    *Write one check to LHVA
    *Keep your 50% of the money raised. If you don't want to keep it, please include a note with the cash or check on where you would like to donate it to. (LHVA Scholarship Fund or Gifts From the Hearts For Downs)

    Email Sloane at with any questions!

    2015 Servathon- Gifts From the Heart For Downs

    04/01/2015, 9:45pm EDT
    By Sloane Dill

    We are excited to announce our 8th annual Servathon on Monday, April 13th, 2015 from 7-9pm at Pelham Middle School. Each player will get a chance to raise money to support a great organization, Gifts From the Heart For Downs. It will also help offset the cost of their club fees while improving their serving skills. This year, fifty percent of the money raised by the player will be put towards their club fees. Twenty-five percent of the money raised will go to the club to purchase training equipment and towards the LHVA Scholarship Fund. Twenty-five percent of the money raised will be donated to Gifts From the Heart For Downs, a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing wishes to life for people with Down Syndrome.

    For more information, please visit their website. (

    or the LHVA Servathon Page

    The 15s, 14s, and 13s will not have a practice on April 13th.  Players should attend the Servathon.

    3/21- 14s Tournament- Delayed Start

    03/20/2015, 4:00pm EDT
    By Sloane Dill

    The 14s Tournament on Saturday, March 21st @ CNR will have a delayed start due to the expected weather conditions. The tournament will now start at 10am! Players must arrive at 10am. They are off first.

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    Positional Practice

    Players on the travel and regional teams are welcome to this practice to improve upon specific skills.  Coaches will focus on setting and right side hitters, defense, serve return, serving, etc.