LHVA's 10th Anniversary Dinner- May 11, 2017

  • Thank you Geygy for 8 years of coaching with LHVA!

  • Congratulations! 17s Most Improved Player- Peri Zale

  • Congratulations! 17s Coaches Award- Kristina Roksvold

  • Congratulations! 16s Coaches Award- Elise Aronson

  • Congratulations! 16s Most Improved Player- Grace Anderson

  • Congratulations! 15 Purple Most Improved Player- Lily Tyler

  • Congratulations! 15P Coaches Award- Katherine Gussenhoven

  • Congratulations! 15B Most Improved Player- Kayla Stewart

  • Congratulations! 15B Coaches Award- Johnasia Carr

  • Congratulations! 14P Coaches Award- Solee West

  • Congratulations! 14B Coaches Award- Catherine Gelber

  • Congratulations! 14B Most Improved Player- Maia Glazer


LHVA's 10th Anniversary Dinner- May 11, 2017