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GEVA Updates

July 30, 2020

GEVA is working toward building a Road to Return. In working at establishing a 20-21 season, we are following closely all of the updates, the options available and the permissions we are given to return to some sort of normalcy. I am reluctant to label this return to play because we simply don't know what we don't know. We remain hopeful that we will be able to Go Green as planned, we are fairly certain that we will have obstacles to overcome along the way.

We need to be cognizant of the scope of our normal operations and how much of that normal we can plan and provide for. GEVA recognizes that the members of our volleyball community are anxious to return to the game we all love. The activity, comraderies and forever friendships generated by our training and competitions are basically the life blood of our athletes and their families.

Our plans will need to be greeted with an open mind, flexibility, and in the spirit of assisting us to do all we can to sustain and grow our game. It is apparent that we will not be all things to all people, however we will continue to explore and engage all avenues along the way to assure that we remain aware of our obligations to sustain and improve our commitment to diversity and inclusion.

We will need to further adapt our mode of operations in the attempt to accommodate as many members as possible while meeting the goal to provide safe and secure learning and competition environments where we all have the opportunity to experience the fun in volleyball. Our planning continues and will most likely hit a fever pitch over the next few weeks and then remain so throughout the fall. We do our best to anticipate and respond to ever changing situations and requirements as they present themselves.

You should also know that GEVA is revamping the website to better enable us to disseminate information in this new world. We intend for the site to broadcast the most current information.

Each and every GEVA member, their families and fans share a role in navigating our Road to Return.

Please do your part in keeping us all healthy.

❑ Pay attention to science.

❑ Keep your distance.

❑ Wear a mask.

❑ And most of all, respect each other, treat each other well, and as Michael Conrad said on Hill Street Blues, "Hey Let's Be Careful out there"