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GEVA Inclement Weather Policy for Tournaments

01/27/2022, 8:45am EST
By Sloane Dill

GEVA Inclement Weather Policy for Tournaments 

We are carefully watching the weather forecast for this weekend and wanted to provide you with information regarding the inclement weather policy. The decision to cancel tournaments comes from GEVA. When possible, they will make a decision by 10pm the night before the event. If the situation worsens, they can adjust the decision up to 5:30am. Once the event is cancelled, it will NOT be put back on.  

Once LHVA is notified that a tournament is canceled, we will email all players participating. The email will come through the LHVA website and will ONLY go to the email registered to the account. We will also post it on the main page of the LHVA website. GEVA will also have this information posted on their website, When you click on the blue button titled, Inclement Weather Policy, it will bring you to a shared Google Document with a list of cancellations and information about the policy. 

GEVA Inclement Weather Policy

If you DO NOT hear from anyone or do not see anything posted, the event will still be on. Please do not call GEVA with questions about an event being canceled. All questions can be directed to me at 914-557-2570. 

Please remember: Safety is the most important, so DO NOT drive if you don’t feel safe. 


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